About us

Who we are

The idea for fdlpalestina.org was born out of a deep desire to share the stories and struggles of the Palestinian people with the world. The founders, a group of Palestinian journalists and activists, had grown frustrated with the limited coverage of Palestine in mainstream media outlets and the lack of opportunities for Palestinian writers and journalists to share their perspectives.

The founders worked tirelessly to bring their vision to life, dedicating countless hours to building the website, creating a network of writers and contributors, and developing partnerships with other 메리트카지노 media organizations.

They faced numerous challenges along the way, including limited resources, internet restrictions, and political censorship. Despite these challenges, the founders persevered, driven by their passion and commitment to sharing the truth about Palestine with the world. They launched fdlpalestina.org in 2016, and the website quickly gained a reputation for providing comprehensive, accurate, and insightful news coverage of Palestine.